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A Celestial Atonement

03 A Celestial Atonement

Since Mingxia’s successful journey to Naestrirea’s underwater regions a year ago, her relationship with Liwei has improved, but her battle against the darkness continues. While Liwei has been working together with the fox spirits to build a stronger community for them, Mingxia has been teaching medicine at the human clinics in Shangzihua. As time passes, she earns the trust of the villagers and Liwei even begins talking about expanding their family. 

Despite the darkness, all seems to be normal until the price to cure Liwei demands to be paid. However, the price may prove to be too high for Liwei to accept. Mingxia’s fall from her once pure fate proves to be a deeper abyss than expected as she wrestles with the manipulative voices of the forces of evil. But as long as the Tarot exists, darkness will reign. 

News of curses infiltrating the magical lands of Elementals, the enchanting gemstone caves of the Vale of the fairies, the tranquil sky villages of the angels, and the peaceful lives of the elves places the realm in danger once again. Mingxia and Liwei find themselves trapped in a battle for dominance between the Light Court of Aeyaviel and the Dark Court of Iniguthia. 

With the help of the seraphim and cherubim, she must purify the curses the Fallen have placed and restore balance before it’s too late. Mingxia’s life hangs in the balance as she is forced to choose between the light and the darkness that threatens to engulf her completely.


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