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MINGXIA'S Celestial Judgement in the Isle of Calypso ended in her favor. While proving her worth as Wuzhen’s Empress to the Council, Mingxia lays claim to four more Major Arcana and one suit of the Minor Arcana. A battle well fought, but carries the weight of its traumatic events with it.


Six months have passed since then. Mingxia and Liwei have recovered, but peace never reigns long. Unfortunate circumstances arise, which ends up with Liwei being poisoned by the yaoguai poison, a life-endangering situation. And the only way to cure Mingxia’s mate lies in the aquatic regions of Naestrirea. 


After continuing to cultivate her Celestial qi, Mingxia and Liwei, with the aid of their Avian envoy, Jing-Wei, embark on a journey to collect the ingredients needed to cure the yaoguai poison. 


Forced to stay in Aivrena, Liwei has to trust that Mingixa’s safety won’t be jeopardize as she enters her enemy’s den alone and finds herself trapped in the middle of an age old conflict between the Mer and the Avians. 

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