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Beneath the Cherry Blossoms

Beneath the Cherry Blossoms
Coming Soon


But those second chances, in Vivienne Taylor’s eyes, will never unfurl its petals. 


Victim of an abusive childhood, they wilted away, especially once she finds herself trapped in yet another abusive household and its scramble to secure its family’s future. To combat the painful reality, Vivienne drowns her sorrow with video games and anti-depressants, hoping that’ll keep whatever remains left from wilting too. 

However, hope is not all lost. While playing League of Legends, one of Vivienne’s online friends invites a charming individual to their match. His humor, gentleness and compassion gradually pulls her in, and scares her all the same, leaving her to wonder if her mother’s dead end would also snatch it away. 


With her mother’s enforcement of strict Thai tradition and the stigma trailing behind online dating and mental health, Vivienne has a choice: letting go of the past or forever remaining trapped by the fear that binds her. 

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