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Aries is a Celestial Deity, with domain over courage and natural leadership. She is also the leader of the Zodiac and the ruler of the Isles of Aithne. Appears in the Eclipsed Deities: Hestia's Wish and Engulfed by Aries.


I. Overview

II. Appearance

III. Personality

IV. Statistics

V. Weapons and Combat

VI. Powers and Abilities

I. Character Overview

Aries is the eldest child of Asteria and Erebus. Her mother, Asteria, spent a month weaving Aries' constellation. The day of its completion is consider her birthday since that was the day she was officially born. However, when she was born, Aries was immediately possessed by the dark wisps of Erebus' essence, which were intertwined with Chaos'. Thus, sharing his sentiments about the world.

When her constellation cut into the earth, like her siblings, Aries claimed Hawaii as her own. To which the islands were renamed to the Isles of Aithne, with Aries as the ruler of that nation, and her subjects, the Aithneans and Ariesians, calling her Lady Aries.

Aries is one of thirteen Celestial Deities. She's also the leader of the Zodiac, and the deity of courage and natural leadership.



Aries (pronounced Air-ees)


Lady Aries, Little Ram, Ari

Personal Information


Isles of Aithne


April 20th


Ruler of the Isle of Aithne, Deity of Courage and Natural Leadership


Erebus (Father, Primordial of Darkness)
Asteria (Mother, Titaness of the Stars)
Sagittarius (Sister)
Leo (Sister)
Taurus (Sister)
Gemini (The Twins, Brother and Sister)
Cancer (Sister)
Virgo (Sister)
Libra (Sister)
Scorpio (Brother)
Aquarius (Sister)
Pisces (Sister)
Capricorn (Sister)
Ophiuchus (Sibling)

II. Appearance

Pure Form

Aries has sterling grey and long, curly blonde hair. Crowning her curly bundles are red ram horns. Her skin is a porcelain hue, almost flawless. On her left shoulder blade is the ♈︎ symbol, showing her authority as a Celestial Deity and connection to the stars.

Impure Form

Aries' eyes are black like a void and her flaming hair shades of orange, yellow and red. Red ram horns crown her flaming hair. Her skin is a sickly gray and pale hue. On her left shoulder blade is the ♈︎ symbol, showing her authority as a Celestial Deity and connection to the stars. In her impurity, she wears a low-cut red dress.


Ares (God of War, Olympian)


125 lbs





Blood Type



1, Colors (Red, Orange and Yellow), Summer, Martial Arts, Sparring, Training, Honeysuckle, Thistle, Diving into Volcanoes


Libra, Mortals (Impure Form only), Water

III. Personality

She is brave, confident, passionate, emotional, impulsive, and short-tempered, all of which became amplified after her corruption. She dislikes being told what to do and she especially dislikes it when people tell her how to rule her nation. She is very territorial when it comes to her country and things she oversees and isn't afraid to put someone in their place if she thinks they're trying to usurp her command. Because she's quite impulsive and relies more on actions than words, she doesn't get along well with her younger sister, Libra. Whenever she's upset about something, she spars with Ares.

IV. Statistics

Strength: 10/10
Speed: 10/10
Agility: 5/10
Stamina: 8/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Charisma: 5/10
Stealth: 3/10
Wealth: 3/10

V. Weapons and Combat

Weapon: Rapier

Range: Short

Strengths: Fire and Sun Rays

Weaknesses: Water

Combat Style: She usually makes the move first. She doesn't like committing to surprise attacks because she considers it to be cowardly. She doesn't need her rapier to fight, it's considered the preliminary tier of her fighting phases.

VI. Powers and Abilities

Fire Manipulation: Has complex fire manipulation skills at various layers. Can generate and manipulate fire without the aid of items. However, like all fire, it requires oxygen in order to give it life.

Cosmic Fire Manipulation: Can create, shape, and manipulate cosmic flames from meteors and stars. These types of flame can burn in outer space, hence the lack of necessity for oxygen. It can also be relatively unstable if she channels the energy of a star while on Earth. For manifestation purposes, she will often channel her own energy. Additionally, there are negative effects to her cosmic fire ability. As while it's harmful to other celestial creatures, it can be a bit painful for her, too.

Demonic Fire Manipulation: Can create, shape, and manipulate the flames of the Underworld. Similarly to the cosmic flames, it is unstable. It can burn through anything and is capable of severing one's connection to the afterlife, effectively destroying their soul forever. These flames may appear grey, blue, or purple.

Strength Manipulation: One of the lesser-known abilities she often uses it that catches people by surprise. Allows her to make a person or object stronger or weaker than normal. However, the strength in which she is manipulating cannot surpass her own.

Fire Mimicry: Can turn her entire body into fire. This changes her genetic makeup as her cells adjust to the change. However, this form is most unstable because it emits a considerable amount of thermal energy. Additionally, she requires oxygen, like any other mortal, to maintain this form.

Others: Has fire immunity and increased speed, hearing and vision.