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IN 2813, THE PEOPLE OF AITHNE, formerly known as Hawaii, find no compassion in the harsh heat and flames that bathe love and courage in a fearful light. Ruler of Aithne, Aries, desires nothing more than to crush her sister, Libra, and no matter the cost. For Hestia Hale, that cost is high and without a choice, she is selected to be an apprentice to the notorious Master Haemon alongside her childhood friend, Alastair Romanos.


However, not all is sound during their training. With the memories of the first invasion haunting them, it forces Hestia and Alastair to make a choice about their future and their relationship. ​In a place where courage is punished and fear is the norm, they can watch everything perish or free themselves from their oppressive lifestyle by awakening Aries' true self and restoring peace to the Isles of Aithne.

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Engulfed by Aries_UPDATED.png
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