Naestrirea Creatures

In this heavenly scroll, you'll find the information you seek about the creatures that populate Naestrirea. Creatures are organized in sections, with brief descriptions provided for each. Use this as a reference when reading the Secrets of Tarot series!

Air Dragon - Crow

|Air Dragon|

A dragon (of the air sect) that resides in Hanghua, Wuzhen.


Nymph of groves.


A winged human-looking creature who passes blessings onto others.

| Anthusae |

Nymph of flowers.

| Aurae |

Nymph of the breeze.

| Avian |

A bird shapeshifter.

| Baigujing |
A former Demon Lord, she is known for her quest for immortality and divinity. She typically takes on the appearance of a maiden in distress, but her appearance is actually skeletal form with rotting features. Based on the mythological character in Chinese lore.

| Banshee |

A wandering female spirit that wails her sorrows.

| Black Wind Demon |

He is one of the ten great demon lords who was previously imprisoned in Xesal. He embodies one of the Five Poisons – Anger.

| Blue Bird |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters whose true form is a blue bird.

| Chollima |

A winged horse who flies great distances and is usually hard to find.

| Celestial |

A pure-blooded, golden dragon. These are considered high-ranking dragons, descendants of the ancient Chinese Dragon Zodiac and Meihui.

| Crane |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters whose true form is a crane. These are considered to be the most knowledgeable, and noble, out of the entire avian shifter population.

| Crow |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters whose true form is a crow. These are considered the “bottom feeders” of Khaisitha due to their scavenging background.

Dark Angel - Fledgling

| Dark Angel |

A winged human-looking creature who once spread blessings throughout the realm. Darkness has corrupted their soul and led to their descent into hell. The only thing they spread are curses. Also referred to as fallen angels.

| Demon Lord |

The most powerful class of demon. There are ten demon lords and the top five are embodiments of the five poisons.

| Dobhar-chú |

Inspired by the creature in Irish mythology, the dobhar-chú exists as Balor’s pet. Known for its white pelt and large frame, it is part-dog and part-otter.

| Dryad |

Nymph of the forests.

| Earth Dragon |

A dragon (of the earth sect) that resides in Zhenyuan, Wuzhen.

| Elf |

A humanoid creature with pointed ears that specializes in light magic.

| Fairy |

A winged creature capable of shrinking to the size of a butterfly.

| Fallen Original |
One of the original fallen angels, who are also considered the Princes of Hell and personification of the seven vices.

| Falcon |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters.

| Fledgling |

A young avian.

Green Bird - Myling

| Green Bird |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters whose true form is a green bird.

| Hamadryad |

Nymph of trees.

| Hatchling |

A dragon egg or a bird egg.

| Hawk |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters.

| Kappa |

A frog and turtle-like creature.

| Kelpie |

A water horse.

| Kitsune |

A fox spirit.

| Luan |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters. It is a golden peacock.

| Mage |

A being that uses one of the four elements to produce something magical. It is unheard of for a mage to manipulate all four elements as it is frowned upon. They are also referred to as an Elemental or Elemental Mage.

| Mer |

A half fish/half human being who lives underwater.

| Morgen |

A female water spirit who drowns men.

| Myling |

Ghosts of children who died unbaptized. These are typically abandoned children.

Naga-Makura -Pixie

| Naga-Makura |

A half-crocodile, half-snake creature.

| Naiad |

Nymph of water.

| Nepaeae |

Nymph of glens.

| Nephelae |

Nymph of the clouds.

| Nogitsune |

A fox demon who likes to play tricks and entertain their victims in games.

| Noppera-bō |

A faceless demon who works alongside other demons to steal others’ faces.

| Oriade |

Nymph of mountains.

| Owl |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters. They are typically part of the nighttime border patrol.

| Peng |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters. They typically have two forms; a large bird and a bird/fish hybrid.

| Pixie |

A dark fairy. These creatures specialize in forbidden magic and enjoy chaos.

Red-Crowned Crane - Vampire

| Red-Crowned Crane |

A deity in its own right, believed to be the creator of the Khaisithans.

| Seer |

Someone who can see the future. Also referred to as an oracle.

| Selkie |

A seal shapeshifter.

| Siren |

A female mermaid who lures people with their voice.

| Sparrow |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters.

| Tenko |

A Celestial fox with nine tails.

| Troll |

An old, slow-moving creature that likes to feast on human flesh.

| Valkryie |

A winged warrior, typically female but there are also male valkyrie, who dedicate their life to ensuring the balance between life and death.

| Vampire |

A creature that feasts on blood to fuel their immortality.

Water Dragon - Zhen

| Water Dragon |

A dragon (of the water sect) that resides in Xianyang, Wuzhen.

| Water Sprites |

A fairy-like creature with an affinity for water.

| Wyrmling |

A young dragon.

| Yaoguai |

Demons that are exclusive to Wuzhen. They search for Celestial and other Divine Beings to feast on with the hopes of gaining immortality and divinity.

| Zenko |

A fox spirit who has not achieved Celestial status.

| Zhen |

A subspecies of avian shapeshifters whose true form is a zhenniao. Their feathers are poisonous enough to kill a dragon.