Naestrirea Entities

In this heavenly scroll, you'll find the information you seek about the entities that populate and had a hand in Naestrirea's creation. Entities are organized in sections, with brief descriptions provided for each. Use this as a reference when reading the Secrets of Tarot series!

Bábá - Grand Flight

Mandarin term for ‘father.’

Baihao yinzhen
A sweet ingredient in white tea.

A formal way of saying ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘Emperor’ in Mandarin.

An ancient song that was used in the past to hypnotize any avian who hears it.

Blood of a Kelpie
Capable of healing any injury or illness. However, the price of blood magic is steep and its price tends to be equal to the demands of the request.

Celestial Qi
The source of a Celestial dragon’s power.

A process in which individuals create qi. It’s usually done through meditation and other techniques. Everyone has the capability of developing qi, but the process differs between ordinary individuals and those with Celestial energy.

Forbidden Forest
A forest connecting to the Shangzihua village, where the yaoguai live.

Mandarin term for ‘father.’

Grand Flight
An event where matured avians fly around the realm in order to find their place of belonging once they are finished. Avians may go on to become envoys to other nations.