02 | Suddenly I Become a Deity

My eyes snapped open and I instantly realized all of my senses were amplified. I could see small dust particles floating around in the air and smell the sweet tanginess of ambrosia.

Looking at my hands, the callouses from before had disappeared and now look as though I hadn't worked a day in my life. My finely manicured nails were painted with a light pink. I sat up suddenly and touched my hair, admiring the pastel pink hue in shock. 'I really switched bodies with Aphrodite!' I thought in distress.

"It's nice to see you're finally awake," an unfamiliar voice intruded on my panicked thoughts. "And here I though I was going to have to give you true love's kiss to wake you up."

Turning my head, I made eye contact with a man with a blonde head of curly hair. When the sunlight touched its ends, it was almost as if there was a golden crown around his head. Playfulness danced in his pale blue eyes like he was a cat waiting to pounce on me, a mouse.

"Are you stunned by my beauty? It appears you are at a loss for words," he said when I made no attempt to continue the conversation. Raising his arms, he began flexing his small muscles in my direction to emphasize my point.

"Tiny," I blurted out.

He lowered his arms and murmured seductively in my ear, "Perhaps you would like to examine the full package before coming to that conclusion?" He leaned back against the chair and winked.

"Excuse me, sir, but this is supposed to be a PG story. Please keep your dirty fantasies to yourself," I responded, feeling disgusted with his flirty behavior. "Who are you?"

"After taking care of you all night, you don't even say thank you and now you've forgotten me," Apollo whined. "How could you possibly forget me, Aphrodite? I'm Apollo, the god of music, medicine, and prophecy. And also so handsome it's almost sinful. Shall I make sure you don't forget again?"

'Just ignore him, Yingyue. He is only acting this way because you're Aphrodite. It has nothing to do with you. If he saw who you really were, he would leave in an instant,' I thought to myself, trying to reinforce my resolve.

Just what did I agree to?!