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About this Fellow Egg

🦊Hello! 🦊

I'm Voxxi (aka Tahira Voss). I'm a graphic designer (book cover and website design) and a fellow author on Wattpad. I write mainly Dark High Fantasy, but I'm slowly branching out into other forms of fantasy.

I also love esoteric topics, reading and writing, world-building, anime and manga, watching Chinese and Korean Dramas and so much more!


⭐️Astrological Placements⭐️

Aries (sun), Capricorn (moon) and Scorpio (rising)

🤓Language Learning🤓


📚Current WIPS📚

Dark Fate trilogy (Available 2022)

The Ancestral Stones trilogy (Available 2022)

Riders of the End (Available 2021)


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