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A Celestial Requiem

SHEN MINGXIA is far from a monster.


After a violent childhood outburst leads to the disfigurement of her bully's face, Mingxia is labeled as Shangzihua's village yaoguai. The humans fear her destructive power, leading to years of hostility, distrust, and abuse. Despite the humans' hatred towards her, she strives to prove them wrong by becoming a successful herbalist.


But fate has other plans. When Crown Prince Liwei and Emperor Xun arrive in Shangzihua, a powerful mate bond ties her and the Crown Prince together, revealing her true identity and the secrets of the past.


As she tries to accept her Celestial dragon origins and the truth about her parents, Mingxia faces another inevitable truth: the coming of the Tarot. In order to fulfill her destiny as the Last Celestial, she must overcome the demons of her past and successfully cultivate to prove to the Council, and the people of Wuzhen, she is worthy of being their Empress.

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A Celestial Requiem
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