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Wera Niyom supports independent artists and small businesses. Here are the artists that help make these stories come to life visually.

Kat Miller

Kat Miller is an illustrator specializing in fantasy and character art. Born in Pennsylvania she was encouraged in art from a young age by family and teachers alike. She attended the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Art.

When not drawing she pursues other creative projects such as embroidery and sculpting. She is also an avid reader and plays video games in her free time.

She currently lives with her wife and their cat, Archimedes. 

Kat Miller - Zixin & Sosuke - SoS.png
Macarena Pérez - Zixin & Sosuke.png
Macarena Pérez - Mingxia & Liwei.png

Macarena Pérez

Maka is a 25-year-old freelance artist from Spain, a lover of juvenile literature and comics who decided to take a pencil some time ago and begin to capture all that enthusiasm in illustrations as long as her restless cats allow her to work.

She enjoys trying out various styles from semi-realism to cartoon and use photoshop and a Huion GT-185 and focus mostly on illustrations for covers, any editorial illustration, posters, concept art, digital and web illustration. 

Macarena Pérez - Artist Headshot.gif


Cathy is an artist based in Alsace, France. She works full-time as an illustrator and pin designer.

Zixin & Sosuke - SoS - Cathy.jpg
Cathy - Mingxia & Liwei.jpg



Stephanie is a pastry cook and artist, and enjoys drawing couples and emotional characters.

Jing-Wei & Wynne - Broken Bonds - Stephanie Hu resized.png
Angie Tran - Animated Logo.gif

Angie Tran

Angie Tran is a marketing professional who supports small businesses with their marketing, website, graphic design and social media needs.

She is the mom to a very active toddler named Atlas and is food and lifestyle influencer @crazychewygood during her free time.

Angie Tran - Artist Headshot
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