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I'm Wera.

I am an Asian & Black historical fantasy author of The Secrets of Tarot Series and Any Way the Wind Blows. Inspired by East and Southeast Asian mythology, my stories typically feature female, Asian protagonists and incorporate common xianxia and wuxia themes.

My stories explore important topics, such as Asian diaspora & xenophobia, trauma, mental health stigmas, standards of beauty in Asian culture, identity & self-confidence, and racism, discrimination, & bias.

I have a B.A. in Spanish and M.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, with a specialization in crime analysis and geographic information systems. I currently run three profiles on Wattpad (APIFantasy, APIRomance, and MythandLegend), where I strive to uplift the voices of authors who specialize in Asian & Pacific Islander Fantasy & Fiction.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy watching Asian dramas or superhero movies with my husband and younger brother & eating dim sum with my mother.

Wera Niyom | Historical Fantasy Author
Book Review Services

In need of someone to review your story? Look no farther than my book review services! Depending on the package you book with me, you'll find the right constructive and positive feedback you need to improve your stories for your readers, as well as your abilities as a writer.


I ask that you review the policies before booking with me to prevent your request from being denied.  

My book review services are complimentary. However, if you would like to send a donations are always accepted to support my writings. 


  • Who is Wera Niyom
    I am a multiracial author who specializes in fantasy and historical fiction. My friends think of me as some sort of egg/sea cucumber queen hybrid because I have “an obsession with eggs” and I think sea cucumbers are cute.
  • Where did you get the pen name 'Wera Niyom?'
    Wera Niyom is a shortened version of my Thai name and means ‘beautiful angel.’ I was primarily raised by my mother and grandmother, who were immigrants from Thailand. My grandmother, who passed away in July 2020, was the one who gave me my Thai name when I was born. She always had dreams of me publishing my work, so I ended up choosing Wera as a way of honoring her memory.
  • Who got you into writing?
    I spent most of my time in the library or bookstore as a kid and started writing when I was eight years old. Books by L.K. Madigan, Kristin Cashore, L.J. Smith, Courtney Cole, and Quinn Loftis inspired me to write my own stories. I got into Asian fantasy after watching so many Asian dramas and reading so many Asian-inspired works. Mythology has always been a passion for me, so I always try to incorporate elements from mythology and folklore into my works.
  • How do you balance your writing with your day job?
    It doesn’t come without difficulties. Having a calendar where I plan out every moment of my day every Sunday helps. I use my calendar to weave in break times and time spent with my family. It’s important to meet deadlines, but it’s also important to take care of yourself and remember to take breaks. Being a writer doesn’t mean it’s all you have to do.
  • How do you manage your writing career while suffering from chronic health conditions?
    Like anyone else who has mental health conditions, I have my ups and downs. Some days are harder than others, and I take time to accept that and focus on bettering myself. My experiences have made me stronger, but they also allow me to use writing as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. I try to ensure I keep a well-balanced diet and get enough sleep and exercise. Another thing is remembering to eat on time and patiently or else I risk a flare-up of my colitis. My family, particularly my younger brother and significant other, has been a strong support system for me and have helped me accept that it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to feel sad.
  • Can you review my story?
    I will only review your work if it meets both parts of my criteria: (1) It has been published (doesn’t have to be traditionally or self-published, so sites like Wattpad, Tapas, etc., will suffice); and (2) fits my interests. If you would like to know if it would be a good fit, please send me a message through or through the website and share your preferred deadline, summary, word count, and first five chapters. The subject line should read as FEEDBACK REQUEST: [TITLE OF WORK] / [GENRE][AUDIENCE]. Note that my feedback is honest and will be filled with positive feedback and constructive criticism. Upon acceptance, I will offer one of three packages based on how I respond to your piece. If you are expecting proofreading/editing or a critique filled with praise, we may not be the best fit. I do not accept writing collaboration requests.
  • How can I support you?
    If you’ve requested feedback from me and want to show your support, you can join my patreon. You can also check out my works and leave an honest review on Goodreads or Amazon.
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