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I'm Wera.

I am an Asian & Black historical fantasy author of The Secrets of Tarot Series and Any Way the Wind Blows. Inspired by East and Southeast Asian mythology, my stories typically feature female, Asian protagonists and incorporate common xianxia and wuxia themes.

My stories explore important topics, such as Asian diaspora & xenophobia, trauma, mental health stigmas, standards of beauty in Asian culture, identity & self-confidence, and racism, discrimination, & bias.

I have a B.A. in Spanish and M.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, with a specialization in crime analysis and geographic information systems. I currently work as a volunteer for Wattpad HQ as a Senior Engagement Ambassador, where I strive to uplift the voices of authors who specialize in Asian Fantasy & Fiction.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy watching Asian dramas or superhero movies with my husband and younger brother & eating dim sum with my mother.

Wera Niyom | Historical Fantasy Author
Book Review Services

In need of someone to review your story? Look no farther than my book review services! Depending on the package you book with me, you'll find the right constructive and positive feedback you need to improve your stories for your readers, as well as your abilities as a writer.


I ask that you review the policies before booking with me to prevent your request from being denied.  

My book review services are complimentary. However, if you would like to send a donations are always accepted to support my writings. 


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