Any way the wind blows

AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT results in the loss of his family, memories, and empathy, Lee Kangmin finds himself trapped in a colorless world. Once considered a miraculous recovery case of retrograde amnesia, he is now one of the best neurologists in South Korea. Determined to maintain his strict routine and personal code of conduct, he is reluctant to open his heart out of fear it’ll get crushed again.

His desperation to maintain a shred of normalcy in his life peaks when he encounters Ariadne, whose presence forces his painful memories to break free. On the surface, she appears to be nothing more than a naive foreigner but what he doesn’t know is that she’s a mythical selkie from Scotland. Centuries of distrust between their races return as they learn to live with each other.

Their love is tested by the gods, their people, and their past as the Llyr, the patron deity of the selkie, threaten to uproot their worlds as they know it. Together, they must reforge the broken bonds between their species in order to preserve their relationship and break the selkie’s curse.

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