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FANG XUN is known to all as the great dragon king and Emperor of Wuzhen. However, to the elemental mages, he is nothing more than an obstacle standing in their path. After the brutal assault in the earth dragon territory, Xun is determined to return things to normal, starting with the Mid-Autumn Festival. In a kingdom that is slowly crumbling around him, he meets his fated mate. 

LI CAI MIN is a water dragon halfling who travels with a dancing troupe to earn money for the water dragon territory as they cope with the constant demon attacks. She questions her own self-worth when she discovers her mate is the most powerful man in Wuzhen. 

However, traditional values and high expectations of the Council prevent them from being together. Assigned a test to prove her courage and strength, she must prove to everyone she is worthy of being Wuzhen’s Empress and the Emperor’s mate.

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Dance of the Dragons_update.png
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