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Wera's Adventures: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Hello, my fellow eggs!

In 2015, I went back to Mexico, but we decided to explore a different area: Puerto Vallarta!

My favorite part about Mexico is the food. I had these shrimp quesadillas with onions, tomatoes, and guacamole and it was absolutely delicious! There was a nice breeze in the air and you could hear people having fun at the nearby amusement park.

We stopped by the zoo to check out some animals and some of them were kind enough to come closer to say hi!

My mom fed the ostriches with the food the zookeepers provided. However, it ended up in a flock of ducks following her. As they honked loudly and scrambled to get what food she had left in her hands, my brother and I decided to make ourselves scarce. I like ducks, but having so many of them surround us is overwhelming!

We walked along the boardwalk to feel the beach's salty breeze and it was so refreshing. The air felt so pure and it really felt like we were in paradise.

The resort we stayed at was also absolutely breathtaking! You could see the ocean from the pool's edge.

My favorite part of this trip was swimming in the pool and also, getting to try some new foods. My least favorite part would have to be the bugs again! This happened to be the trip where I banged my head against the wall pretty hard when I was trying to reapply tiger balm. It ended up waking up my whole family because they thought someone had broken in. It was embarrassing to say that it was just clumsy ol' me!

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