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In need of someone to review your story? Look no farther than my book review services! Depending on the package you book with me, you'll find the right constructive and positive feedback you need to improve your stories for your readers, as well as your abilities as a writer.


i ask that you review the policies below before booking with me to prevent your request from being denied.  



❦ I reserve the right to reject any project sent to me.


❦ Please note that my review will be filled with a mixture of constructive criticism and positive feedback. My goal is not to tear you down, but to help you understand areas for improvement. If you find there are more comments for improvement, please don't take it to heart. With that being said, if you struggle with taking constructive criticism, we probably aren't a good fit.


❦ I accept documents in the form of Microsoft Word (docx), Google Docs, Pages, and PDFs.


❦ If you provide your story via Google Docs, please don't revise your story and accept/reject suggestions as I'm reviewing. You'll be given a warning for the first occurrence, and the project will be returned to you (incomplete) for the second occurrence.


I use the suggestion tool and comments to determine where I left off and ensure I don't duplicate any existing comments (unless the same issue is occurring in another section of your piece).


❦ Delivery for the Bronze Egg and Silver Egg packages are roughly seven (7) days. Delivery for the Gold Egg page is roughly fourteen (14) days. The Jade Egg package requires 1-2 months for delivery.

❦ I have triggers just like anyone else, so please provide trigger warnings where necessary. I also have things I specialize in.


I MIGHT BE THE BEST FIT FOR: fantasy, romance, and historical fiction.


I MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST FIT FOR: poetry, teen fiction, stories with abuse of any kind + recovery, stories with self-harm/suicide, stories that feature a domineering partner (i.e., so possessive or abusive that it's actually unhealthy OR a character who exists to be the bad boy cliché), fanfiction, erotica, and stories that romanticize sensitive topics like rape, war, imprisonment, etc.


❦ If your work falls under a category that I'm not the best fit for, please don't send in your story anyway. If you know it doesn't fit me, then chances are it'll be rejected.


❦ I can provide sensitivity reading for stories featuring mixed race characters, Thai characters & culture, and mythology & folklore. However, this does require a $20 PATREON donation. It helps me keep my tea stock up while I review your work!

❦ This service should not be used as a replacement for proofreading. Please make sure you have at least reviewed your book before requesting. It'll be harder for me to understand your work if it is littered with spelling and grammatical errors.


❦ Be clear on what you'd like me to provide to you. This means when you fill out the form, you must be detailed with what you want or expect out of me. I can't, and won't even attempt, read your mind so I need you to provide as thorough an explanation as possible.


❦ Submit one story at a time.


❦ If you'd like to rescind your feedback request, please let me know as soon as possible or else I will keep working on it.


❦ You're more than welcome to email me to check on the progress of your story at a daily level, but not at a hourly level. Please don't micromanage. I'm doing this out of my spare time and have a full-time job, AMONG OTHER responsibilities.

❦ If you have any questions, please send an inquiry to:

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