The Dark Lord was the beginning and will be the end. Influencing the God of Darkness to abandon duty and ascend.

His darklings will be released into the world of the mortals; corrupting, constricting, twisting all to a hellish oblivion.

The Son of Darkness and Mother of Stars will meet under a moonlit night. The fate of the mortals was sealed at first sight.

For what was once moral will become immoral, as the world is ushered into the Age of the Zodiac.

The Stars will fall from the heavens. Their descent will spurn human values, leading the mortals astray.

The world will burn, its original form never to return. However, peace will reign when the stars remember and relearn.

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In 2813, an inseparable romance between two deities resulted in the birth of thirteen corrupted Zodiacs, and its through this birth did the stars fall to Earth and plunge it into anarchy. Paving a darkness beneath the stars, each zodiac divided the world into thirteen nations and brought their own taste of chaos along with it.