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A Fox Spirit's Revenge

The Fox Spirit's Revenge
Coming Soon

After the great massacre in her childhood village, Mamori sets out into the mortal world, plotting her revenge. She disguises herself as a beautiful noblewoman, tricking and killing any mortal man who falls to her illusion. However, with every kill, her heart blackens, leading her closer to a fate filled with tragedy, heartbreak, and eternal loneliness.

When her latest conquest leads her to the Emperor, a mystic Onmyōji discovers she’s not who she says she is. Exposed as a monster and demon from Yomi, she flees, only to meet Inari Ōkami to receive her fate. The goddess curses Mamori to live as a Killing Stone, killing any person or animal who approaches her.

After 1,000 years of solitude and torment, Inari Ōkami grants her a second chance. Mamori, desperate to escape, agrees to Inari Ōkami’s terms and transmigrates into modern-day Japan, with only the memories of her past to keep her company. Her first test proves to be challenging as the first person she meets happens to have the same face as the Onmyōji who destroyed her life. Mamori must let go of her vengeance in order to avoid turning back into a Killing Stone for eternity.


I will rain one thousand hells upon your world, and when I have your heart, I'll take away everything you hold dear. You'll regret the day you met me, Fukuma Soichiro.

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