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Aeyaviel History

Citizens of Aeyaviel believe that it was the Hierophant that was the first of their people. No one knows what their true identity is, but a vast majority believe that she/he was the creator of all angels and she had a vital role in creating Aeyaviel as a safe haven for angels. Most assume that the Hierophant is a female, but records do not support or deny such claims. The Hierophant is also presumed to be the First Oracle, but evidence shows otherwise.

Before Aeyaviel became an established nation in Naestrirea, there was only one, The Hierophant. She was a counselor, a savior, and a mother to those that would later become Aeyavielans. In the Beginning, she listened to the prayers of humans that suffered throughout the realm. They wanted a place they could call home, they wanted the exploitation of their species to cease, but most of all, they wanted peace.

She began to teach the humans the art of tranquility. Citizens of other nations thought that the Hierophant was fictitious and that the humans were blindly following delusions. However, these doubts were silenced when reports began circulating throughout Naestrirea. They spoke of winged creatures spreading blessings to the ill, troubled, and listless. 

These creatures were considered the purest beings because no amount of darkness could creep into their hearts or alter their course. However, that thought changed when some began misusing their power.

In 238 AC, there were battles between humans that wished to gain the power of the angels and the angels themselves. Many deceived angels into blessing them, but ultimately stole their power and became dark angels.

Ever since this incident, Aeyavielans do not intervene in mortal matters unless the balance of the world is at stake. Their presence is only noticeable to those that are most observant. Their lands are enshrouded by an intangible cloak similar to that of the Vale of Aestreria.

The Tarot

Aeyaviel's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana V: The Hierophant and Major Arcana XIV: Temperance.

The Hierophant

This card is held by the ruler of Aeyaviel, Aisinia, and is closely tied to the history of their country because it's what has allowed them to pass down their power from generation to generation and also allows them to continue their species as angels do not procreate like other species. Side effects: for every being of light created, a dark counterpart with equal power is created.


This card doesn't currently hold a contract with anyone. The Aeyavielans worship and guard this card as if it is their Goddess, Temperantia. This card controls the balance of Naestrirea. Side effects: corruption of the soul.

Aeyaviel's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Blessings mustn't be given for selfish reasons. If used for personal gain, such as revenge, it will blacken the heart of the caster and lead to exile.

No. 2 ➺ Angels are forbidden to procreate with the dark beings of Iniguthia. Although the child is likely to be one with great light magic, they have the capability of manipulating magic as great as the forbidden dark spells. Thus, if discovered, the child and the mother will be executed.

Aeyaviel Trivia

➺ They normally don't interact with other countries, but they are on good terms with the valkyrie of Shalizar.

➺ Aeyaviel sits inside various mountains. There are no roads since everyone travels from area to area with their wings. The heart of Aeyaviel is grassy and sunny. However at the base of the mountain, there is an illusion that it's below freezing and there's always a terrible blizzard. This is used to dissuade visitors from ascending up the mountain since they've become a somewhat isolated species.

➺ The government is ran by a group of angels, considered to be reincarnations of the original Seven Virtues.

➺ They worship goddesses that represent the seven virtues: Caritas (charity), Castitas (chastity), Temperantia (temperance), Industria (diligence), Patientia (patience), Humanitas (kindness), and Humilitas (humility).

➺ The first and last seven days of each month are dedicated to celebrating their deities. This is known as Septem Autem Virtus (Week of Virtue).

Aeyaviel Creatures

| Angel |

A winged human-looking creature who passes blessings onto others.

| Virtue |

A Pure Original who embodies a virtue.

Featured Books

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