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Aivrena History

Aivrena was created by the Goddess of Light, Meihui, in 1 BC and is worshipped as Solas.

Máire is the capital of Aivrena and where the current Elf Queen, Thalia, lives. The other cities are Echodia, Wildemire, Shimmerwood, and Amberfell. The Neverbarrows is an isolated area where elves who engaged in dark magic are banished.

The Tarot

Aivrena's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana VIII: Strength and Minor Arcana: Rings.


This Tarot card is held by the Elf Queen, Thalia. It grants the holder the ability to communicate with nature. It's believed that the holder and this card serve as a liaison between the ascended beings and mortals of Naestrirea and nature itself. Side effects: transformation into a plant (no reversal granted) if used too frequently.

The Rings

Members of the Gemstone Guardians (the Fairy army) are equipped with The Rings. This gives them the ability to manipulate the earth around them. They cannot manipulate the earth if it is produced by supernatural means and these abilities can only be used for one hour as it requires the contractor's energy to be completely full.

Aivrena's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Respect nature. Any harm done to nature will result in imprisonment. Irreparable harm may result in corporal punishment.

No. 2 ➺ All forms of dark magic are forbidden.

Aivrena Trivia

➺ The environment is filled with lush greenery and flowers. The natives share a community garden that is filled with a wide array of fruits and vegetables.

➺ There are two types of seasons in this area: rainy and dry. During the rainy seasons, roads can become flooded, so they've created trenches around the towns to help counteract this. There are typically a lot of monsoons during this time, so traveling and trade is very limited. During the dry season, it is a good opportunity to harvest plants that grow during the rainy season and to plant crops that grow during the dry season. It is a bit more difficult to harvest crops without overhead protection due to the sun's extended exposure on the crops.

➺ The government is ran by a single female elf.

➺ Similarly to the nymphs, on the first day of the new season, all elves travel to Máire to give thanks to their patron deity for another season of peace.

➺ The community greenhouse is one of few that is shielded by magic to protect against the elements and nearby critters.

➺ The population consists of elves. They get along well with any species, though they are hesitant to lend any help in the form of magic.

➺ Moira, the first Oracle, predicted the coming of the Tarot. When Auzineia cast her out, Aivrena was the country to welcome her and give her a place to call home.

Aivrena Creatures

| Elf |

A humanoid creature with pointed ears that specializes in light magic.

| Seer |

A being who can see the future. Also referred to as an oracle.

Featured Books

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The Secrets of Tarot: A Celestial Redemption

The Secrets of Tarot: A Celestial Atonement

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