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Auzineia History

Auzineia was created by Castimonia, the Goddess of Morality, and granted magical powers by Solas, in 1 BC (Before Civilization) and is inhabited by Elemental Mages. Upon birth, each mage demonstrates an affinity with a specific element and this will dictate their path of magical training through adolescence.

There are five clans each led by a noble house: water, fire, earth, air, and aether. Elemental mages can only control one element; this is essential to maintaining balance in the Realm. Ranked slightly higher than ordinary humans, the Elemental Mages became hungry for more after becoming unhappy with how "beasts'' ruled their world. Auzineia's most notorious leader was Declan who created expansionist values in his people and wanted to control all of the elements.

Towards the end of 1700 AC, uprisings within the nation of Auzineia began. The elemental mages became displeased with how strong the dragons were and ultimately let their fear take control of their decisions. The elemental mages were concerned that the dragons would eventually strike down all of the weaker beings with the powerful tarot cards that they possessed, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Many dragons were exploited and killed during the period of 1700 - 1800, which later came to be known as the Great Dragon War. The War only ended when Emperor Fang Xun used Major Arcana: The Emperor. However, the Tarot is known to tear apart its user, thrusting them into a state of chaos and insanity. While the Elemental Mages were permanently expelled from Wuzhen, it also destroyed Declan's body (see Chapter 9 of A Celestial Requiem).

After the Dragon-Mage War, the mages were forced to rebuild and establish a new leader. Liam was known for bringing upon major reform within Auzineia, bringing forth better education and stronger, ethical values within his subjects. Knowing the balance is never to be disrupted again, the some Elemental Mages vowed to never leave the borders of Auzineia. However, during the Great War, they gained sympathizers among the humans in Shangzihua, Wuzhen. While some may not wish for a war, there are still several individuals who will always desire more.

Prior to the discovery of the last celestial dragon in Shangzihua (Shen Mingxia), the current leader, Ian, was approached by Cerai to abduct the princess in order to obtain her Tarot cards to resurrect his fallen mate (see A Celestial Requiem for more info). Cerai's eventual betrayal led to the elemental mages and dragons forging a new bond and gave Mingxia the strength to go out into the realm to try to save her ill mate (see A Celestial Redemption for more info).

On the northern coast lie the towns of Edgecross, Cleardenn, Everbell, and Northfield. These towns are primarily inhabited by the Water and Earth Clans. The capital is Windhaven, but most Air Mages live here. Mill Harbor and Southshear are inhabited by the Fire Clan.

The Tarot

Auzineia's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana I: The Magician and Major Arcana II: The High Priestess.

The Magician

It grants the contractor the ability to manipulate aether, a secret fifth element that is only known to the host. Side effects: age acceleration of the contractor and disintegration of their body.

The High Priestess

It grants the contractor the ability to see into the future. Side effects: depression; some visions may haunt the contractor more than others.

Auzineia's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Dragons are not permitted within the borders of Auzineia. If a dragon is discovered within Auzineia's borders, they will be imprisoned and bound so that they cannot perform any sort of magic.

No. 2 ➺ If a Seer is discovered, they must be reported to the Clan Heads.

No. 3 ➺ Trafficking of dragon scales is forbidden. Those found to be participating in such acts will be imprisoned and receive corporal punishment.

No. 4 ➺ Necromancy and talks of necromancy are forbidden to prevent encouragement of such actions.

No. 5 ➺ Telepathic coercion is forbidden. Those that are found to be engaging in such acts will receive corporal punishment and temporary binding of their abilities.

No. 6 ➺ Trafficking of Zhen feathers is forbidden. Those found to be participating in such acts will be imprisoned and may be subjected to corporal punishment.

No. 7 ➺ Stealing is forbidden. If an individual is found stealing or using something that does not rightfully belong to them without the owner's permission, it will result in shaming penalties and possibly temporary imprisonment.

No. 8 ➺ Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to work.

No. 9 ➺ All children are required to attend school starting at the age of four. They may choose to discontinue or continue schooling once they've reached the age of eighteen.

No. 10 ➺ Mistreatment or abuse of the ill, mentally or physically impaired, or children will result in corporal punishment and temporary imprisonment. Imprisonment length can change depending on the severity of mistreatment or abuse.

No. 11 ➺ Outside propaganda is forbidden and will be seized if discovered. Those spreading outside propaganda will be temporarily imprisoned and interrogated.

No. 12 ➺ Due to their destructive power, ancient spells aren't allowed to be used unless approved by the four Clan Heads and the Aether Minister.

Auzineia Trivia

➺ The climate in Auzineia is neutral and changes along with the four seasons. Temperatures can get as high as 75° Fahrenheit, but as cold as 37° Fahrenheit. However, the Water and Air Clans typically work together to forge a protective barrier around their towns to keep everyone warm during autumn and winter.

➺ The government is ran by the ruler and the heads of the four clans. The positions are inherited by the next of kin.

Auzineia Creatures

| Mage |

A being that uses one of the four elements to produce something magical. Also known as Elemental or Elemental Mage.

Featured Books

The Secrets of Tarot: A Celestial Atonement

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