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Ayasea History

Ayasea was created by the Sorceress/Goddess, Calypso, in 1 BC as a safe haven for all nymphs. It is one of the three nations within the Isle of Calypso. Ayasea was meant to be a place that protected nymphs from deities as they were often the victims of their affections. There is a protective barrier enclosing the Isles, meant to lure eligible mates to allow the nymphs to reproduce. Ayasea's barrier is different, which pulls in anyone who gets too close and makes it nearly impossible to escape.

Ayasea is where the aurae and nephelae reside. The nymphs of the Cardinal Winds are leaders of these tribes and are almost considered deities.

The Tarot

Ayasea's Current Tarot Card(s) | None

Ayasea is currently not in possession of any Tarot cards.

Ayasea's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Nymphs must not interact with humans for reasons other than procreation.

No. 2 ➺ Killing another nymph, regardless of self-defense, will result in execution.

No. 3 ➺ It is forbidden for a nymph to reveal their true form to a human. If it is discovered that a nymph has revealed their true form, they will be bound to that form for 200 years and forced to spend their sentence in solitude. The length of the sentence depends on the level of exposure.

No. 4 ➺ Nymphs mustn't fall in love with a human as it will lead to violation of Law #4.

No. 5 ➺ The Place of Gathering is sacred place and isn't to be used for any impure reason.

Ayasea Trivia

➺ They don't have much of an economy because they don't want an abundance of outsiders in their territories. Anything that they need is created by their hands with help from nature.

➺ The climate in Calypso is neutral and changes along with the four seasons. However, in Miyarene and Ayasea, it is cooler to accommodate nymphs of the water and air, whereas in Otearia, it is warm like spring. Temperatures can get as high as 75° Fahrenheit, but do not fall below 50° Fahrenheit.

➺ The government is ran by a group of nymphs from each tribe. One individual from each tribe is voted in as a council member and serves as a council member until the rest of the council feel that they need to be replaced. The nymphs are said to be descendants of the Snake Zodiac.

➺ On the first day of the new season, all nymphs travel to meet up at Calypso, the Place of Gathering. This is the time when nymphs may select mates as well as a time to reconnect with the Council to discuss issues or concerns. The first and last few days of The Gathering is spent dancing and giving thanks to the Spring, Wind, and Water deities respectively. Mate selection may only occur during the times of dance.

Ayasea Creatures

| Aurae |

Nymph of the Breeze

| Nephelae |

Nymph of the Clouds

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