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Ceosal Kingdom History

Before it was renamed the Ceosal Kingdom, this underwater fortress was known as Aquitas. Aquitas was created by the Goddess of Light, Meihui, and the God of Rain, Yuzan, in 1 BC.

Aquitas' first rulers were King Eärendil and Queen Aerwyna. Their days of birth are unknown, but some believe that they were the first of their people to swim the seas of Naestrirea. They were loved and respected by all because they could see their King and Queen treasured all equally.

That very prosperity was threatened when King Eärendil engaged Khaisitha in what was to be called the Mer-Avian Battles in 788 AC. For several years, the avians of Khaisitha stole food from their territory. At the time, there were unstable weather conditions and a plague that only infected the Mer. The unstable weather conditions affected each country differently. In Khaisitha, they experienced a drought, which forced avians to feed from other territories regardless of boundary lines. King Eärendil was also desperate to keep his people well nourished in the time of plague.

The Siren Virus (known by outsiders) or Poseidon's Affliction (known by locals) caused Mer to fall into madness. Their skin would be necrotizing and oozing with pus, their eyes bloodshot and yellow with jaundice, and their scales turned white. Many Mer that suffered from this Affliction often forgot who they were, so many tried to cut their tails off, thinking it a simple costume. This Affliction took 346,276 lives from Aquitas.

After a few months when the drought ended, but the plague persisted, an armistice was drawn. Mer that survived remained bitter from the whole ordeal, which is why they minimize contact with the avians and the surface world for centuries to come.

In 989 AC, King Eärendil passed away due to old age, leaving his only child, Raina, to ascend the throne as Aquitas' new ruler. Queen Raina wed a noble warrior from the King's Guard, Leith, who subsequently became King. They had three sons: Aenon, Leomaris, and Merrick. Poseidon's Affliction was still rampaging through the waters, taking several hundred lives every month. Unlike her father, Queen Raina sought a cure. She was unsuccessful in her mission and passed away from the Affliction in 1123 (see A Queen's Will in Ceosal Kingdom Tales, Book 3.5).

In 1123 AC, Queen Raina's eldest son, Aenon, ascended to the throne with Thalassa as his Queen. Both passed away in 1136 AC during the Poaching. They had no children that could ascend the throne, so late Queen Raina's second eldest son, Leomaris, took the throne with Marea as his queen.

From around 1136 AC to 1336 AC, mermaids were poached by humans (the "Poaching"). Humans would cast their nets into the water and capture merfolk, only to use them as trophies and representations of their latest conquest. King Leomaris called the Deity of the Seas to assist them, but was met with silence. He petitioned the government of many nations until Khaisitha, an unlikely ally, agreed to help. Khaisitha thought that the act would help improve relations between the two nations and build mutual trust, and it did in the end.

Humans were cast away as the lowest being on Naestrirea's food chain. The only country that would take in the remainder of their people was Wuzhen. However, after the run-in with the humans, the inhabitants of the Ceosal Kingdom decided to never walk on land again.
In 1474 AC, King Leomaris passed and his only child, Llyr, was installed as the new King. He married Arista and had four children in the following centuries: Lorelei, Nereus, Kairius, Marilla, and Ecthelion.

At this point, the Affliction had claimed 75% of the Mer population. King Llyr petitioned the Vale of Aestreria for assistance. The fairies of the Vale assisted in eradicating the Affliction in the known population, however, banished or rogue Mer were excluded from the healing process since their exact location remains unknown. As of 1480 AC, there are no newly reported cases of the Affliction.

Aquitas was renamed to the Ceosal Kingdom in 1479 AC.

King Llyr seeks to forge an alliance with King Ren’s kingdom in the Raeyeong Ocean (see Broken Bonds, Book 2.5).

The Tarot

Ceosal Kingdom's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana XVII: The Star, Major Arcana XVIII: The Moon, and Minor Arcana: The Chalices.

The Star

The King of the Ceosal Kingdom holds this card until his death. When an heir has been selected, the King will pass the card off to that heir. This Tarot card grants the King the ability to speak with his ancestors for guidance, which lasts one hour. Side effects: development of psychopathy and auditory/visual hallucinations.

The Moon

This Tarot card ensures the stability of the waters and hides the Kingdom from view during the moonlight hours.

The Chalices

Members of the King's Guard are equipped with the Minor Arcana: The Chalices. This gives them the ability to manipulate water around them. They cannot manipulate water if they are far from it or if they are in arid areas. These abilities can only be used for one hour as it requires the contractor's energy to be completely replenished.

Ceosal Kingdom's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Humans aren't allowed to be in the Ceosal Kingdom. Those found in the Kingdom will either be imprisoned or executed.

No. 2 ➺ The people of the Ceosal Kingdom are not permitted to bring objects from the surface world.

No. 3 ➺ A Mer who sheds their tail for human legs will not be welcome back into the Kingdom.

No. 4 ➺ A female Mer is given the choice of selecting her mate. A male Mer may not force himself on a female.

No. 5 ➺ Talks of the surface world in classrooms will not be permitted.

No. 6 ➺ Items from the surface world cannot be brought into the Kingdom.

No. 7 ➺ Mer who visit Aquitas may only do so if the barrier is up. If one chooses to leave the protection of the Kingdom, they will not be permitted to return. Exceptions are made if: (1) the individual's family is dying or has passed; (2) the individual participates in a public cleansing (in which they pledge they won't ever leave the Kingdom's barrier); or (3) a state of emergency has been declared in the Kingdom.

No. 8 ➺ Avians are not permitted in the Kingdom per the treaty forged in 825 AC. If an avian passes the boundary line, they will be warned. If they do not acquiesce to warnings, they will be executed on the spot.

Ceosal Kingdom Trivia

➺ There are a few islands included in their territory and it is reserved for those that wish to spend some time on land. However, that land has been abandoned following the Poaching, but is still recognized as part of the Ceosal Kingdom's territory. Their Kingdom is underwater and remains unseen to those that live on the surface.

➺ Every year, the Ceosal Kingdom holds ceremonies to remember the fallen of the Poaching and from the Mer-Avian War. They used to host lavish parties on land where others from other nations could join in, but that has changed to only occur in their underwater Kingdom and limited to only their people. There is singing, dancing, dolphin races, and other events.

➺ The environment is typically room temperature (the mer's idea of room temperature that is). As one sinks deeper into the depths of the Asura Ocean, the water becomes colder. Exiled or rogue Mer reside in this area.

➺ Every fifteen years, the Gathering is held for matured underwater creatures to find their mates. Selkie, water sprites, mer from other kingdoms, and kelpie are invited.

➺ Every year, they host a tournament of events where mer compete in eating competitions, races, and sparring matches.

➺ Some delicacies of the Ceosal Kingdom includes coral cookies, sea urchin pudding, and fresh kelp.

➺ The current prince of the Ceosal Kingdom, Wynne, is named after Wera’s dog, Winston, who passed away on January 2, 2021. His character shares most of his personality traits.

Ceosal Kingdom Creatures

| Mer |

A half fish/half human being who lives underwater. They have great strength and can produce powerful whirlpools. They primarily communicate telepathically.

| Siren |

A female mermaid who lures people with their voice.

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