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Iniguthia History

Iniguthia was created by the Devil, also known as the Serpent. It exists as an opposite to Aeyaviel just as the Devil is a polar opposite to the Hierophant. The Devil has seven disciples who are also original manifestations of the seven deadly sins. These are notorious demons who represent negative values and are also known as the Princes of Hell. These Princes of Hell are the patron deities of all citizens of Iniguthia.

Originally pure angels from the heavens, their greed got in the way and resulted in their descent to Hell. However, when they rose up to Naestrirea, it threatened the balance between the realms and blurred the line between the land of the living and the dead. This was a time when all nations stood together to expel the evil of the demons.

And so, everyone in the Realm worked together to create a spell that would shackle the souls of the Princes to Hell, preventing them from rising ever again with the full strength of their power. Because darkness can never be truly destroyed, their souls splintered off a small piece of their true essence and took hold of the seven fallen angels who now rule the Dark Court. Trapped in a dormant sleep, their awakening would bring about the rise of the Serpent once again.

In the timeline of The Sins of the Serpent, they are described as such:

1) Lucifer - the embodiment of pride and reincarnated as Superbia.
2) Beelzebub - the embodiment of envy and reincarnated as Invidia.
3) Abaddon - the embodiment of sloth and reincarnated as Acedia.
4) Asmodeus - the embodiment of lust and reincarnated as Luxuria.
5) Mammon - the embodiment of greed and reincarnated as Avaritia.
6) Belphegor - the embodiment of gluttony and reincarnated as Gula.
7) Sathanas - the embodiment of wrath and reincarnated as Ira.

Pixies, dark angels (also referred to as fallen angels), dark elves, and other creatures who rely on dark magic reside in Iniguthia. There are five pixie generals who serve the Pixie Queen, Saoirse. As each one dies, the rest become stronger. This sacrificial magic is very common in Iniguthia.

The Tarot

Iniguthia's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana XIII: Death and Major Arcana XVI: The Tower.


This Tarot card is held by the Pixie Queen, Saoirse. It grants her necromancy abilities in which she can raise people from the dead and control them. Side effects: losing the ability to remain tangible, so they consequently turn into a ghostly apparition. However, they are forced to roam the Realm for eternity as they are stuck in-between the lands of the living and the dead.

The Tower

This Tarot card is held by the leader of the dark angels, Laoise. It grants her the ability to project startling, prophetic images into her victim's mind. These images usually force her victims into submission and trap them in an endless cycle of horrible visions. It's similar to Xesal's Tarot card but the only difference is this can be used on one person at a time. Side effects: impending madness and hallucinations.

Iniguthia's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Members of the Dark Court are forbidden to procreate with the light beings of Aeyaviel.

Iniguthia Trivia

➺ It is usually raining or snowing in Iniguthia.

➺ The government is ran by a group of pixie and dark angel nobles. One individual from each clan is voted in as a council member and serves as a council member until the rest of the council feel that they need to be replaced. However, this council was formed by Saoirse and Laoise.

➺SPELLS | Necromancy: The ability to revive the dead.

Iniguthia Creatures

| Dark Angel |

A winged human-looking creature who once spread blessings throughout the realm. Darkness has corrupted their soul and led to their descent into hell. They only spread curses. Dark Angels are also known as Fallen Angels.

| Pixie |

A dark fairy. These creatures specialize in forbidden magic and enjoy chaos.

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