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Khaisitha History

Khaisitha was created by the Goddess of Light, Meihui, in 1 BC (Before Civilization). Meihui created Khaisitha to give Wuzhen faithful messengers, which led to the birth of a new race: the avians. It is believed that Meihui mated with a red-crowned crane, one of the most powerful avians in Khaisithan history, and that Khaisithans are descendants of the rooster of the Chinese Zodiac.

Starting with three, Khaisitha was ruled by an oligarchy: Cirasea (Green Bird), Zachariah (Hawk), Ivory (Crane). There are no written records about these three individuals because avians lived life in their bird form all the time and did not possess the ability to write.

With the help of Wuzhen, they obtained literacy and knowledge of the outside world and became more comfortable in their human forms. Seeing promise in the new species, Meihui created different avian subspecies. Each avian subspecies went on to form their own tribe.

To the northwest lies the region of Qinqiu. It is mainly mountainous terrain, the Hawk and Falcon Tribes live in this area. Zeru and Riyen were the first avians to lead the Hawk Tribe and Falcon Tribes.

Over the mountains, to the northeast rests Huafeng. The Crow and Zhen Tribes, led by Cati and Gatek, reside in this area because it is far removed from the rest of the country. No one cares to enter, out of disdain for these tribes.

The south is Jiangguan. The Sparrow and Green/Blue Bird Tribes live here. They are the ones who remain in Khaisitha because they have weaker bodies compared to the hawks or falcons.

In the center is Jiaoxing, the capital of Khaisitha. The Peng and Owl Tribes serve as the guards to the Yûmáo Palace. And because the Crane Tribe are considered the wisest, and therefore upper-class, they also live in the capital. The only luan lives in the capital as well.

Every time a member of the Council dies, membership rotates between the Tribes to ensure there is at least one member from the Zhen or Crow Tribes to represent them. Members of the Council are referred to as the Yûmáo (roughly translates to 'feather').

The first set of Yûmáo; Zhina the Hawk, Rien the Blue Bird, and Zraith the Crane; ruled from 1 AC (After Creation of Naestrirea) until 238 AC, when the final member perished. Similarly to Wuzhen, it was split into four regions.

In 788 AC, Khaisitha was engaged in battle by Aquitas (later renamed the Ceosal Kingdom) in what was to be called the Mer-Avian War. For several years, the avians of Khaisitha had been stealing food from Mer territory due to complications of the drought and unrest in their own land. While these battles occurred, the avians were dealing with uprisings among the Zhen and Crows. The Zhen had the potential to wipe out a nation with their poisonous feathers and the Crows were considered bottom feeders for their scavenging behavior. 

An armistice was drawn so that each nation could focus on the troubles that they faced internally. Protests and riots persisted as flocks were attacked. Reports of injured avians began circulating describing how avians had every feather plucked from their bodies prior to death. An avian without feathers was considered shameful, so it created significant resentment and anger towards the merpeople.

It took nearly a century to adjust to the Zhen and the Crows as their people, but there are still some people who are hesitant to interact with members of these tribes. The process was completed in several installments. First, the people had to understand that both parties are capable of feeling the same emotions. Second, they had to rid themselves of the fear. The Council addressed this by introducing a small number of Zhen and Crows to show them that they weren't inherently horrible creatures. Needless to say, the pride of some of the older avians was hurt, but they learned to see things from a different perspective with time.

In 1866 AC, Khaisitha endured another drought which rendered their food sources inedible and scarce. Ten male avians entered Mer territory (see Broken Bonds, Book 2.5) and were executed on sight. Their deaths led to the demise of their mates, including former Yûmáo Sativa and Jing-Wei’s parents (Wuzhen’s current envoy).

Their government is currently controlled by four individuals and is structured as an oligarchy: Cerai (Crane Tribe), Cellisse (Sparrow Tribe), Ariella (Blue Bird Tribe), and Raith (Zhen Tribe).

The Tarot

Khaisitha's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana XX: Judgment, Major Arcana XXI: The World, and Minor Arcana: Swords.


Judgment is held by the crane of the government. It grants them the ability to look into the hearts of any living being to see if they're being deceptive or truthful. This card's secret use works similar to a truth serum. Side effects: disintegration of the mind.

The World

The World is held by the government. It grants them the ability to watch what is happening in any part of the world. The World mustn't be used every day to avoid its negative effects. Side effects: auditory and visual hallucinations.

The Swords

The border patrol is typically equipped with the The Swords. This gives them the ability to manipulate the air around them. They cannot manipulate the air if it is contaminated with some sort of pollutant and these abilities can only be used for one hour. It requires the contractor's energy to be full.

Khaisitha's Laws

No. 1 ➺ An envoy mustn't betray the nation that they are serving. It will result in the stripping of their title and banishment from Khaisitha.

No. 2 ➺ An envoy that has left their post without permission will be banished from Khaisitha.

No. 3 ➺ An envoy mustn't let their personal feelings get in the way of completing their duties.

No. 4 ➺ Envoys are not allowed to be in a romantic relationship or fall in love. They are expected to serve for the full duration of their life, love is considered a distraction from those duties.

No. 5 ➺ Envoys are required to report their findings to the Yûmáo on a bimonthly basis.

No. 6 ➺ Distribution of Zhen feathers will result in imprisonment and additional punishment from the nation that they committed the crime in.

No. 7 ➺ Avians that wish to pass through Ceosal Kingdom territory must seek approval before doing so.

No. 8 ➺ Stealing is forbidden. If an individual is found stealing or using something that does not rightfully belong to them without the owner's permission, it will result in shaming penalties and possibly temporary imprisonment.

No. 9 ➺ Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to work.

No. 10 ➺ All children are required to attend school starting at the age of four. They may choose to discontinue or continue schooling once they've reached the age of eighteen.

No. 11 ➺ Mistreatment or abuse of the ill, mentally or physically impaired, or children will result in corporal punishment and temporary imprisonment. Imprisonment length can change depending on the severity of mistreatment or abuse.

No. 12 ➺ The birdsong is a forbidden spell that cannot be used under any circumstances.

Khaisitha Trivia

➺ Khaisitha can be a dangerous place if you arrive unannounced and/or without permission. The birds that inhabit this island have sensitive hearing, which allows them to hear when someone enters their land.

➺ Their greatest tradition is called the Grand Flight, which occurs once every year. All avians are invited to participate. In this event, avians fly around Naestrirea. The avian(s) that accomplish this feat become the next envoys.

➺ All birds are capable of shifting into a human form whenever they are communicating with individuals of other nations.

➺ Khaisitha doesn't export particular items, but rather their services as messengers or representatives of other nations.

➺ The climate is primarily warm like spring, about 70° Fahrenheit as it is a suitable place for birds. The temperature never falls below 70°.

➺ Khaisitha has many trees and the land is mostly undeveloped for the most part as the birds reside in villages amongst the trees.

➺ Khaisitha is a nation inspired by the Chinese birds of myth.

➺ SPELLS | Birdsong: An ancient song that was used in the past to hypnotize any avian who hears it. Because it’s a powerful spell, it has been outlawed and is now considered a forbidden spell.

Khaisitha Creatures

| Avian |

Avians are creatures who are able to shift between a human form and that of a bird (the type of bird depends on what tribe they belong to). They have great strength and can generate powerful gusts of wind. They are also capable of launching sharpened feathers like knives at their enemies.

Avians have enhanced hearing and speed, they are capable of hearing things up to 100 miles away. They are capable of communicating with other avians using their ancient language that consists of bird sounds. An avian typically appears like any other human in their human form. The shift may begin with feathers appearing from their nape and it is not painful to the shifter.

| Fledgling |

A young avian.

| Hatchling |

An avian egg that has not hatched yet.

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