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Mutushina History

Mutushina was created by the Goddess of Light, Meihui, and the first kitsune she created, Inari, in 100 BC (Before Civilization). Although Meihui had a hand in the creation of the kitsune, the fox spirits worship Inari.

Three clans were created: the zenko (fox spirits who have not yet achieved Celestial status), the nogitsune (fox demons), and the tenko (Celestial nine-tailed foxes). Members of the zenko clan may cultivate their abilities and complete an examination in order to be considered a new member of the divine clan.

In 100-200 AC, kitsune were branded as demons and ostracized from the rest of the realm. Some were killed for their magic in their tails, but most individuals killed them, thinking they didn't deserve to receive the same treatment as others in the realm. During this time, Hirayama Sosuke, a Celestial nogitsune, was the ruling alpha who made decisions on behalf of all kitsune. While his decisions were made in the best interests of Mutsushina, it also created significant divide between the zenko and nogitsune clans.

In 199 AC, Sosuke began experimenting with forbidden magic, trying to think of ways to cement kitsune presence in the realm and ensure their safety. He successfully divided a nine-tailed fox into two beings: a female nogitsune (Tui) and a male zenko (Jin). Together, they were known as Jintui.

When it was discovered that Sosuke broke the laws of the realm by engaging in forbidden magic and disturbing the balance, the Seven Virtues cast a spell on him to bind his powers, leaving him blind and trapped in a fox form. However, the Seven Vices took it as an opportunity to rid themselves of the Light Court and Sosuke (who had amassed so much power), and so fragments of the Seven Virtues were trapped in his soul, rendering them useless to the rise of the Fallen (see The Sins of the Serpent, Book 1.5).

After Sosuke was removed from power, Jintui took control of the government. There were multiple uprisings and assassination attempts made against Jintui to remove them. They were later removed by Azusa, a Celestial, after a succession coup.

The Tarot

Mutsushina's Current Card(s) | Major Arcana X: Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune

This card is currently held by Azusa, but will be passed down to the next leader of Mutsushina. It gives its holder the ability to change another's fortune. Its limitations are that it cannot affect one's living status or alter the holder's fortune. It can turn a war-like environment into a peaceful one. However, the greater the change, the higher the risk.

Mutsushina's Laws

No. 1: ➺ Trade of native herbs is forbidden.

No. 2: ➺ Stealing a kitsune's tail is forbidden.

No. 3: ➺ Practice of the Forbidden Arts is not permitted.

Mustushina Trivia

➺ Mutsushina is a highly elevated nation. The air is crisp and cool. It can snow here, but they typically use a shield to prevent snow from hitting their village because it can be difficult to generate foxfire in the cold.

➺ The government is ran by a tenko, a celestial kitsune, by the name of Azusa. Because kitsune can live for thousands of years, the rule doesn't change as often. However, if Azusa were to perish, the next kitsune to reign Mutsushina would be one of the zenko. Each clan takes turns holding office within their government to prevent civil war. The best candidate is selected by their peers.

➺ There are lush forests on the edges of Mutsushina. They have a high abundance of herbs that can induce and treat amnesia. These are heavily guarded by various kitsune due to the detrimental effects they impose.

➺ Both types of kitsune dislike humans because they think that humans only corrupt and bring destruction.

Mutsushina Creatures

| Nogitsune |

A fox demon who likes to play tricks and entertain their victims in games. They are the more malicious type and won't hesitate to turn life and death into a game.

| Tenko |

A Celestial fox with nine tails.

| Zenko |

A fox spirit who has not achieved Celestial status. They are the type that respects everyone, despite their own opinions. They are also playful, but they don't let their own interests cloud their judgment.

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