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Shalizar History

Shalizar was created by one of the original deities of creation, Freya, in 0 BC (Before Civilization). Its purpose and its peoples was to protect the balance between life and death. It is believed that Freya was the first valkyrie and her true form is the tiger of the Chinese Zodiac. Thus, the valkyrie are considered descendants of the tiger because of their ferocious and resilient nature.

Asjávegr is where most of the valkyrie live and it's where important decisions are made by the Commander and Council. Spirits who have chosen to become protectors of the Realm are trained in this city as well. 

Sofávegr is similar to the concept of the Elysian Fields in that it is a peaceful paradise where one would never want anything ever again. 

Ovidia is an abandoned prison that is mostly inhabited by members of the Dark Court who use it as their personal torturing grounds. 

Dysheimer is a town where spirits go to cleanse their mind and spirit of memories from their past to allow them to move on after they decide whether to become a protector or retire to Sofávegr.
Shalizar is tormented by a vengeful, powerful spirit known as Hymir (see A Celestial Acceptance, Book 4). When he was alive, he was known as a deceitful, manipulative, murderous man. He murdered many people just for the sheer pleasure of it. He was executed and brought to justice.

He showed no signs of remorse. When he was on his way to the Underworld, he looked up at the sky and watched a valkyrie take a dead man to Shalizar. He had heard of the valkyrie reviving the dead and he certainly wasn't ready to rest for eternity. He made his way to Shalizar, slipping past the troll guards. He watched as the valkyrie breathed life back into the lifeless body, his suspicions proved correct.

Over time, he gained many followers that weren't pleased with the idea of death. An army of the dead overtook Shalizar and Hymir stole the life essence of another, possessing a living person's body. He instilled himself as King and ruled Shalizar with an iron fist. He imprisoned the kelpie so that he would have a steady supply of their blood, keeping him alive and well. It wasn't until an uprising of the angels was staged. They banded together with the valkyrie and elves, expelling the unhappy spirits from the stolen bodies. With the magic of the elves and the blessing of the angels, they were sent back to the netherworld, forced to live out their fate.

As a result of this battle, there were precautionary measures taken to ensure that a repeat of events would not occur. The patrols increased and more trolls were put at watching posts. There was also an increase in aerial patrols by the angels. The rowan plant was planted and harvested so that there would be many on hand to prevent or remove future spiritual possession.

The Tarot

Shalizar's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana VII: The Chariot and Major Arcana VIII: Justice.

The Chariot

This Tarot card is held by the Commander, the overall leader of the valkyrie. It grants her the ability to control the spirits of fallen individuals and lead them to Asjávegr for judgment. Because the card tends to absorb life essence from its host, the position of Commander is rotated every hundred years to fill the vacancy.


This Tarot card is held by the Council of Valkyrie. It allows the user to look into a person's heart and determine whether they are guilty of any crimes. It is only effective on spirits which allows the card to scan their soul for signs of redemption. The card also implements a punishment suitable for the offender.

Shalizar's Laws

No. 1 ➺ No valkyrie may instigate an individual's death for the purpose of increasing Shalizar's army.

No. 2 ➺ Valkyrie must dedicate their life to protecting the balance in Naestrirea and must always be top priority.

No. 3 ➺ It is forbidden for a valkyrie and a spirit to fall in love.

No. 4 ➺ Malicious spirits should be sent to Xesal.

No. 5 ➺ If it is discovered that a spirit hasn't bathed in the waters of Dysheimer following their judgment by the Council in Asjávegr, they will be permanently extinguished. Forgiveness and acceptance cannot happen unless they shed their painful memories.

Shalizar Trivia

➺ They are a private species but often work together with the Aeyavielans. Only two individuals from Shalizar have a seat in the Light Court.

➺ The climate in Shalizar varies based on the region. In Asjávegr and Sofávegr, the weather is similar to spring-time so it's fairly warm and rains often. However, in Dysheimer and Ovidia, where most spirits with bad karma end up, the temperatures are similar to Xesal with their wintery tundra.

➺ The government is ran by a group of high-ranking valkyrie but the Commander makes final decisions.

➺ It is considered a place of rebirth, modeled after the mythical Valhalla. Those who have died in battle are brought here by the valkyrie. It is a peaceful place, where one can decide what they want to do with their newfound life. Typically the valkyrie eases the recently revived person back into life, getting them used to the sensation of being alive once again.

They are then given the choice of learning to fight to protect themselves and become something bigger (eventually living in Asjávegr). Or they can choose to live peacefully in Sofávegr. However, they cannot pass its borders or else they will die. They become bound to Sofávegr if they choose not to fight. It is possible for them to leave if they can obtain the blood of a kelpie or the blessing of an angel, but these items are rare. It depends heavily on the individual's capability and will to live.

➺ Trolls guard the entrances and exits to Shalizar to make sure that there will not be unnecessary casualties.

Shalizar Creatures

| Valkyrie |
A winged warrior, typically female but there are also male valkyrie, who dedicate their life to ensuring the balance between life and death. They can open portals between the two realms, see spirits, and assign a fate to the spirits they come into contact with. They do not harness any magical ability, but they do have enhanced strength and the ability to fly. They are also well-trained in various forms of combat.

| Troll |

An old, slow-moving creature that likes to feast on human flesh. It is meant to keep humans out so that they do not interfere with the valkyrie’s duties or the portals between the land of the living and the netherworld.

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