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Wonchaek History

Wonchaek was created by Meihui and Yuzan in 1 BC (Before Civilization) and is inhabited by many different creatures. This country was created as a point where people from different cultures could meet and trade whatever items they had available. It is guarded by Balor, the former god of death.

Several selkie pods inhabit the waters surrounding Wonchaek and a large kelpie herd has found solace in Wonchaek's lakes and ponds. There are other creatures like the morgen, water sprites, kappas, chollima, and aquatic animal spirits.

There are three main ports, Sarinan, Haechaek, and Yangsu where individuals are expected to check in with the Controller before they are offered passage into the main town of Yeoseong.

The Tarot

Wonchaek's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana 0: The Fool.

The Fool

It grants the contractor the ability to shapeshift into any person they wish. With this, they can adopt the personality of the person they are impersonating along with some additional qualities such as their voice and abilities. However, the scent will remain unchanged.

Side effects: disintegration of mind, body, and soul. The contractor will eventually lose sense of who they really are.

Wonchaek's Laws

No. 1 ➺ Any visitors, whether new or returning, must report their presence to the Controller.

No. 2 ➺ Trafficking of dragon scales is forbidden. 

No. 3 ➺ Telepathic coercion is forbidden.

No. 4 ➺ Trafficking of Zhen feathers is forbidden. Those found to be participating in such acts will be imprisoned and may be subjected to corporal punishment.

No. 5 ➺ Stealing is forbidden. If an individual is found stealing or using something that does not rightfully belong to them without the owner's permission, it will result in shaming penalties and possibly temporary imprisonment.

No. 6 ➺ Business transactions that occur in Wonchaek's ports must be secured and privatized.

No. 7 ➺ Stealing another's mate is a punishable offense. A bond may be challenged if the couple does not demonstrate all aspects of a bond (telepathic connection, a scent that can only be detected by their mate, increased strength and speed, and ability to call out that mate's dragon). The challenge will last until one concedes or dies. There must be at least one member of the species' ruler present to witness the challenge and recognize its authenticity.

Wonchaek Trivia

➺ The Controller is known as Kittithorn Kukrit (also goes by Kukrit and Kukkie) and he oversees everything at the main ports.

➺ There is a female-only inn ran by a morgen in Yeoseong.

➺ Wonchaek typically exports fine fabrics, food, and rare artifacts (like kelpie's blood, chollima feathers, etc.).

➺ They export their rice and various teas to other nations all over Naestrirea, excluding Auzineia, via ships or avian envoys.

➺ Wonchaek has a rainforest climate and is typically humid. Temperatures can get up to 100° Fahrenheit.

Wonchaek Creatures

| Chollima |

A winged horse who flies great distances and is usually hard to find.

| Kappa |

A frog and turtle-like creature. They don’t possess magical powers.

| Kelpie |

A water horse. A kelpie typically appears like any other human in their human form. Their true forms are water horses. They typically create their own realm that can only be entered with the help of blood magic. The blood of a kelpie is capable of healing any injury or illness. However, the price of blood magic is steep and its price tends to be equal to the request.

| Morgen |

A female water spirit who drowns men. They are typically mermaids whose hearts have blackened with envy, greed, or regret. They possess the same abilities as ordinary merfolk, but are known to be extremely temperamental.

| Naga-makura |

A half-crocodile, half-snake creature. They are anthropomorphic creatures.They don’t possess magical powers, but have enhanced strength, hearing, and smell. Their eyesight tends to be worse than average.

| Noppera-bō |

A faceless demon who works alongside other demons to steal others’ faces.

| Selkie |

A seal shapeshifter. A selkie typically appears like any other human in their human form, but they struggle with walking on human legs. They can enter a half-shifted form, which is similar to merfolk, where the bottom half is that of a seal’s and the top half is human.

Their true forms are seals. They communicate telepathically and possess a cloak that has tremendous magic power. The cloak protects the wearer from the ocean’s elements, but it also has the ability to grant any wish. If a selkie removes their cloak when they leave land, they will feel the pull of the ocean. Thus, if they put on the cloak again, they will lose their memories.

| Vampire |

A creature that feasts on blood to fuel their immortality. They usually have a zombie-like appearance and work alongside other demons.

| Water sprites |

A fairy-like creature with an affinity for water.

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