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Xesal History

No one knows when the spirits began to inhabit Xesal, but many believe that when they were alive, they were banished for committing violent crimes. Individuals that were believed to be suffering from depression and had suicidal tendencies were sent here as well. To some countries, taking one's own life is the same as killing another.

A majority of Xesal's population consists of spirits, such as banshees, and demons. The spirits are capable of possessing anyone who has not taken the preventative herb, rowan. Spirits are manipulative and will do anything it takes to possibly get a living body in their possession, even if they can't get their original body.

The Tarot

Xesal's Current Tarot Card(s) | Major Arcana XXII: The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man

It is not a card that can be manipulated by anyone. This card chooses its owner and it has chosen Xesal. This card's effect is effective throughout Xesal and terrorizes the mentality of the spirits. Some may see a replay of their death, others may see things they fear the most. What the spirits see varies from individual to individual.

Xesal's Laws

Due to a lack of governmental structure, Xesal has no laws.

Xesal Trivia

➺ They don't have a government. Whoever is the strongest being typically gets the final say in the prisons.

➺ The environment is cold and icy. Temperatures can reach -40° F and it usually doesn't exceed freezing temperatures. However, rarely it rains from time to time.

➺ To be here is considered the ultimate punishment. If an individual has been cast away to this place as punishment, they cannot leave. Whether they leave is up to the Tarot to decide whether they have repented for their sins.

➺ Xesal is located in the Southern region of Naestrirea. Its capital, Spirit Meadow, is where several hundred yaoguai are forced to live after they have been cast out from Shangzihua. It is rumored that the skeletal demoness, Baigujing, is the only creature who managed to escape Xesal.

➺ Xesal includes a variety of creatures from different Asian mythologies.

Xesal Creatures

| Banshee |

A wandering female spirit that wails her sorrows.

| Demon |

Also classified as yaoguai or youkai. These are creatures who dedicate their lives to searching for the next meal that will bring them divinity or immortality. These demons love feasting on Celestial creatures because they believe it allows them to ascend into godhood. Another classification of demons are beings who wish to wreak havoc just to create chaos.

| Demon Lord |

The most powerful class of demon. There are ten demon lords and the top five are embodiments of the five poisons.

| Myling |

Ghosts of children who died unbaptized. These are typically abandoned children.

Featured Books

The Secrets of Tarot: A Celestial Acceptance

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