Naestrirea will be prosperous for three hundred years. The people will be happy, their hearts devoid of fears.

Like everything, all good things must come to an end. Peace and harmony will become difficult to defend.

The Box will open. Its cards will scatter across the realm. At their mercy, greed, fear, and death overwhelm.

People will kill, people will die. Soon there will be nowhere left to hide.

Villages will be pillaged, and homes plundered. Memories will be lost. Lives torn asunder.

But one hope remains, and that lies within the last of the Celestial.

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Naestrirea is a realm consisting of thirteen nations, which used to be united and prosperous. Within these nations, discover the fascinating folklore and mythology dwelling within each. However, peace never reigns long. Wars and battles fueled by greed and revenge have torn apart the realm, and all because of the secrets and power hidden within the Tarot. 

Skim through Naestrirea's endless ancient scrolls that have existed thousands of years. You'll discover more information about the creatures, entities, places and more through them!

Take a look at the series' artwork within this sacred gallery!

Ready for an adventure? Spread your wings and take flight through the various nations in Naestrirea!


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