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The Secrets of Tarot Series
Book 2.5 - Broken Bonds_comingsoon.jpg

What's a bird to do when her mate happens to be a fish?

Coming May 11, 2024

A Celestial Atonement

Since Mingxia’s successful journey to Naestrirea’s underwater regions a year ago, her relationship with Liwei has improved, but her battle against the darkness continues.

Coming December 2024

Ceosal Kingdom Tales

A short story collection featuring creatures and nations from the underwater regions of Naestrirea.

Coming May 5, 2025.

A Celestial Acceptance

Follow Mingxia as she enters the final battle against the darkness.

Coming May 5, 2025.

Fairy Guardian Fa Ying Trilogy
01 Rebirth of the Celestial Princess

Based on the Italian cartoon, Winx Club, and Japanese manga & anime, Sailor Moon. It follows Luo Fa Ying’s journey towards becoming the leader of the Gemstone Guardians, a female crimefighting group who exists to protect the realm from the Dark Court’s evil intentions.

Coming April 16, 2026

02 Rise of the Dark Court

We thought the battle was over, but nothing could prepare us for what lurked in the shadows.

Coming April 16, 2027

03 Return of the Serpent

If we die, there won’t be anyone left to stop the Serpent.

Coming April 16, 2028

Demon Hunters Trilogy
Of Rain and Thunder

The first installment in the Demon Hunters Trilogy that follows the Inari Defensive Members, Asari and Aimi.

Of Light and Shadow

The second installment in the Demon Hunters Trilogy that follows the Inari Defensive Members, Fuyumi (Yumi) and Sayuri (Yuri).

Of Earth and Heaven

The final installment in the Demon Hunters Trilogy that follows the Inari Defensive Members, Kurayami (Yami) and Hanami (Hana).

My Lovely Deity

Abandoned by her biological parents and disowned by her adoptive ones, Jiang Yingyue struggles to find her place in a society that is determined to exclude her. But after dying in a terrible accident, she is visited by Aphrodite and given an opportunity of a lifetime: to experience love.

Eternal Promise

120,000 years ago, the five realms lived in harmony....until the Five Poisons ascend from Hell and threaten to destroy everything the Gods have sworn to protect. The Eight Immortals are summoned to Kunlun and paired up to begin the search for artifacts needed to construct the Mirror of Retribution in order to seal the Five Poisons. 

Beneath the Cherry Blossoms

LIFE ALWAYS BLOOMS A SECOND CHANCE. But those second chances, in Vivienne Taylor’s eyes, will never unfurl its petals. 


Victim of an abusive childhood, they wilted away, especially once she finds herself trapped in yet another abusive household and its scramble to secure its family’s future. 

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